Printing + Sizing

Prints available through this website are part of a limited edition print run. I work with a high-quality printer, which uses an archival quality paper suited to the image. These images last 100+ years without fading if displayed in 'normal' lighting conditions (see The result is a stunning, high quality print. These are proofed personally before carefully dispatching  in a sealed cardboard tube. Please note: It is recommended that prints are left flat, unrolled for at least 48 hours prior to framing.


Certificate of Authenticity

All prints are accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. This contains the artists signature, the print number you have purchased, the print details and the paper used. 



These measurements are along the long edge of the print. For example, a 4:3 ratio print would be 60cm x 45cm. 2cm white borders are added to help with positioning when mounting and framing. These are added to the measurements below:


60cm long edge   £295 Edition of 20

40cm long edge   £195 Edition of 30

30cm long edge   £110 Edition of 50



 Please contact me if you have any questions/special requests regarding this process.