Richard Fraser Photography | Recent Work

"We are absolutely delighted with the photographs and can’t wait to get them on the website. Thank you so much for taking such great care to produce exactly what I had hoped for. Thanks again and look forward to the next shoot"
K. Dudley, Dudley Developments.
"The photographs are excellent and merit great scrutiny. I have spotted so many things that I hadn't noticed before!"
Dr King, Queens' College, Univeristy of Cambridge. June 2017.

"I have had a proper look through and they are amazing... thank you very much".


"That's an excellent gallery of the boathouse... fine images".


"You absolutely got the best out of it with a series of show stopping photos".


"I wanted to write and thank you ... and to say that I'm delighted that I'll be living with two of your beautiful compositions".

The photographs presented are deeply humbling, in so far as they demand quiet and close attention. They suggest an elegant assessment of the value of time: not time spent or used; but time lived in, absorbed and minded. The sense of reverence for the edges of land, industry and environment is especially poignant".

As visual imagery, the photographs are simply stunning: balance in composition, saturation of colour and handling of light are all masterful. Their particular potency, though, lies in the evident curiosity: a quest to uncover relationships between time and space. I am most enamoured by the photographs that hold the moment of an encounter - a moment that expands out from a two dimensional image into a painterly gesture of an experience".

I hope the exhibition goes really well".

B. Winter, New owner of two editioned prints.


"‘Situation’ will be an exhibition of subtle and unusual works that showcase two fascinating artists who create art and images that raise questions of our understanding and connection to the places and environments that surround us

Exhibition: Situation, C Williams, Owner + Curator, Williams Art


"It has been a pleasure working with Richard. His photographs are fabulous, really showing our buildings in their best light, and clearly demonstrate a passion for architecture and photography. He has taken time to listen to and understand our brief, resulting in him being able to capture the images that we have seen in our mind's eye".

Architectural Images, bland brown + cole architects.


"The cool and elegantly formal composition, and the clever use of colour, in 'Life Saver' are both excellent; ... 'Greenbelt' is a perfect square, this simplicity helps it to work its minimal magic... to perfection with 'A day in June', there's good use of colour, again. 'UK Shoreline: A day in June' brings to bear a different sense of scale and makes an impressive landscape come to life. These are oddly dispassionate landscapes that have a compelling aspect to them."

Richard Fraser's portfolio review, The Guardian.
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