Richard Fraser Photography | About
Richard Fraser offers carefully constructed, unique and graphic images for commercial and personal photography requirements. With research and patience comes the right light, which in turn can raise a building, space, product or landscape out of the ordinary to the realms of the spectacular. He aims to document these moments by using high quality equipment throughout the photography process, whilst continually having the highest expectations of himself.


His photography services cover the spectrum between built and natural environments; architects, construction firms, interior designers, installation specialists, businesses and individuals should all be delighted with the work undertaken - many contented companies and individuals have said so!


Examples of services:

Finished architectural projects (interior and exterior)

Work in progress for the projects above as they develop

Interior designs

Installations (specialist lighting/windows for example)

Products in their intended environments

School/College/University prospectuses

Shop floors/spaces/products for marketing and/or websites

Company buildings or other artwork for boardroom walls

Documentary photography of spaces and landscapes


Hand made cards (blank inside)


Contact me for further details.


His work has been displayed in galleries and shops (National Theatre, London; Byard Art, Cambridge, Williams Art, Cambridge; Podarok, Cambridge; Hot Numbers, Cambridge) and printed in photography books and magazines (Landscape Photographer of the Year, Black and White Photography, Practical Photography, Amateur Photography, Advanced Photographer).

He has won awards in various photography competitions, including the International Photography Awards, Landscape Photographer of the Year awards and more locally as category winner of CEN's Photographer of the year.