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The photographs presented in this body of work have one common aim; to provide a visual exploration of the relationship between humanity and the natural world.

There is a focus on those spaces which have been earmarked for human use, are currently in use, or have been used in the past for residential, commercial or industrial gain. I approach these spaces with the same care and attention to arrangement as I would with a traditionally beautiful landscape scene, whilst all the time providing an honest view of our relationship with the environment, looking at the human fingerprint we leave on our landscape.
These spaces are often places such as roads, car parks, storage yards, quarries, and sea defenses. They are often transient A to B typle places and primarily serve a functional purpose. We pass through and spend time in them every day without giving them much thought, but my collection aims to arrange them in a way which highlights their existence with all of the awkwardness and intrigue that comes with it.

Using a tripod and high-quality photography equipment, I have tirelessly made images in all seasons, at all times of day and night and in all weathers. The results are often stark, but they remain true to the scene as it was captured. Through these images I hope to provide a sense of understanding, a visual explanation perhaps, of how society has chosen to interact with the natural world.

With this work, I invite the viewer to consider how these spaces shape our relationship with the natural world and question the ways in which we can interact with our environment going forward. I do not seek to impose any particular interpretation or judgement. I simply capture what exists in an aesthetic way and in turn allow the viewer to draw their own conclusions, to make their own discoveries, to take in, even enjoy some of the moments I’ve come across through the years and to help inform their own perspectives on the world in which we live through another set of eyes for a moment.