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I'm thrilled to make this year's Landscape Photography of the Year book and touring exhibition, starting in Paddington Station for all to see later this month!

It's an incredible effort from everyone to even enter @uklpoty and it's always special subsequently being chosen to be part of the book somehow.

Here's my image, which came in as the runner up in the Urban Life category this year. I've been bursting to tell you all about this but wasn't allowed until today 🤫😂.

As many of you will know, I take great care photographing the built environment for my wonderful clients and through my personal projects, one of which has continued with interest over on @fraserproject. If you like this one, then you'll enjoy what's on offer over there too so go check it out and follow for future updates.

Finally, @charlie_waite must have a mention here too - he has for a long, long time inspired and informed my practice. Studying his image making and the great care and precision which goes into the process struck a chord with me years ago which still chimes today. His meticulous approach and heartfelt passion for what he does informs me each and every time I approach the environment I'm presented with; albeit so often different from the scenes Charlie might choose!

Well done again to all involved this year. I tried to tag the winners in here but could only find four of you!